#Conscience of a Hermit

It was #WorldPoetryDay yesterday so we decided to repost @DanManyika’s poem:

Conscience of a Hermit.

We lived yesterday for tomorrow’s blight,

We live today for yesterday’s plight,

We live now for tomorrow’s lie.
We die today for tomorrow’s life,

But tomorrow’s life will die before it is born.

We ask for no reprisal.

We ask not for last year’s mercy,

But plead for an emotional rescue.

We ask not for forgiveness.

We bear no grudges,

Even though grudges reside in our conscience.
Our conscience knows no guilt,

Because guilt is a foreign imposition,

That knows no friend or foe.

We brook no pleasure In the imposition of emotions

On our mental common room,

Already over-crowded by the mercies of yesteryear’s guilt.

We will live tomorrow,

On the benevolent promise Of a bumper harvest of ashes,

From the badly burnt treasures,

From down memory lane.

We will outlive tomorrow,

As we have done in centuries past.

We will outshine the sun, Because we no longer fear,

The shadows that hang on our everyday existence.

We will.

We will.

We will.

We will.

Because we are Zimbabweans.


© 2018-2020 SonofGuruvé

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