Initially, Arani thought his favorite columnist Kenny Mufuka was exposing him when he read this a couple of years ago:

Four years later, with the clouds and smoke scattered like the sacred Mosi-oa-Tunya, Arani revisited the paragraph while listening to Mura Masa’s Lovesick ft. A$AP Rocky:https://open.spotify.com/track/3sTN90bIP2cJ1783ctHykO?si=QGzKg1cVTk-6P-Yvq9kw4AHe thought to himself,

When you are no longer appreciated, move on.

When you are no longer invited, find a new gathering.

When you are hurt, learn from it, heal, keep moving forward and don’t look back.

It’s plausible to reminisce, but why focus on an rear view mirror when one has a magnificent windshield displaying an ocean of optimism on the horizon that lies ahead?

When your circle no longer celebrates you, find a new circle.

Ironically, Arani found another quote when he was meandering the social media streets and boulevards just the other day.

His fellow tribeslady, student, BigIngduna Editor and low-key inspiration called Zoelle shared this on her Facebook page so he had to pause and reflect again:

It may be difficult to relate, but when you need to drink from a different fountain you should. Don’t hesitate. Don’t make assumptions, but when you dig deep and realize the root cause of any disequilibrium, follow the language of your spirit. The spirit never lies. If you listen, it will smack you loudly in the face – unexpectedly.

Arani followed suit, stumbled around after a three-hour flight from New York to Atlanta and bumped into Geena aka #Yellow1000. It really doesn’t matter what the point of this post is, but he promised her he would do this.  It also doesn’t matter what tribe you are from, but if you are in the #MhofuClan of the Shona Tribe you need to keep your promises. Sadly not all of us do.  Geena poured inspiration into Arani when his fountain was rather dry. He’s just grateful she spoke positively about the challenges we face and how we can respond to them.  Encouraging others is a gift we all ought to provide. Here’s the exchange Arani shared with Geena:

So Geena, what’s your favorite color?


What is your favorite song?

Firefly by Mura Masa or Clarity by Zedd

What are your Hobbies?

Puzzles, as boring as that sounds, Lol. Taking pictures, editing them.

Please share some “Fun Facts” about you.

I used to dream of becoming a singer when I was younger. I had promised my grandma until she passed that I would make her proud on stage one day. But then I changed my major to psychology.

What’s your Ethnicity?

Korean 🇰🇷

What’s something you want the world to know?

Everyone is different. Everyone deserves love. Everyone deserves happiness.

What causes you are interested in?

Anything animal related & children related (helping & adopting & healing)

What are your aspirations?

To live a happy life. I want to help others become happy, healthy & loved.

Lastly, what advice would you want to give young girls like you and others?

You are strong & powerful. You are beautiful & loved. You are pure greatness & worthy of everything in this world. The world may be an ugly place, but you bring beauty to your surroundings, & in turn, into this world. Continue to shine bright like the diamond you are.

Thank you @simplygeena.We wish you well in all of your endeavors.

Be like Geena and bring some goodness into this bad world where some are marginalized, disenfranchised, broken and need mending.

Have a #Yellow1000 day.

©️ 2018-2020 SonofGuruve

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