Nobleman’s LB

Let’s just pretend it was a heated boardroom discussion. The Chief Warrior known as Arani was definitely uncomfortable and under fire.  He imagined it like the spring of 1985 when Steve Jobs got fired from the very same company he founded in his garage.

The only exception is that Arani didn’t get the Tottenham Alan Sugar message:

“You are Fired!”

It was rather distressing, but a necessary discussion.  Sometimes loved ones will make you feel uncomfortable and make you bellow out to the heavens.  They will have you searching for answers because of their constant credible challenges.  With family, he’d rather it be an uncomfortable exchange because he dislikes stagnant and unfruitful relationships.  He also dislikes religious coziness and unnecessary sedentary comfort.  Once, he joked to his prayerful aunt that he no longer goes to Church.

Tete said,

“Arani, mwana iweweka uchanetsa!”

In Shona (Zimbabwe native language) this statement means,

“Arani, you silly kid! You are going to be troublemaker!”

This time, he had taken one step too far.  He realized he overstepped his role as a potential alpha in the family.  The one detail he overlooked was the responsibility needed to wait his turn and know his role as his father’s son.  After a couple of meetings with the podcast mandem, he still felt the unease, so he decided to wake up bright and early and go to one of his Sunday watering holes.

During the band’s booming and spiritual music, he called Tete on a WhatsApp video call to reassure her he was joking.   He still goes to worship – just to different gatherings.  He goes where his spirit is led.  The voice of the spirit speaks louder than any announcement from any pulpit.  There he was ready to listen and perhaps ask for forgiveness from the Father and the ancestors he likely upset when he failed to heed his father’s call.

The Nobleman‘s LB (little brother) stood there before us – a muscular, well dressed, bronze, short and vibrant man – just like the orator MLK.  He spoke live and direct from the four chambers of his heart.  He lost Arani when he started freestyling on stage.  He made him feel distinctly uncomfortable.  The speaker continued and mentioned when his father was unwell, he failed to be there emotionally, but fortunately he was able to be there financially.

Bewildered, Arani thought to himself,

“Why is it that every time this Monks Corner orator speaks he is always speaking to him directly?”

The last time he watched the orator live was February 5, 2017.  He invited the Nobleman to speak to his masses.  The orator’s big brother is Nobleman ofcourse and who Arani wrote about a couple of years ago.  The Nobleman inspired Arani to confront his biggest challenge in his life.  His people later wrote to Arani and gave him a spark and some magic that he hopes will never run out.

Arani was very disappointed when the Nobleman received his Steve Jobs punch to the guts.  Imagine starting a nonprofit in your living room, then for some prominent, debatable, public and edgy reasons you are let go – at the moment you are most vulnerable and leading the largest organization of your type in your home State.

**Please note this is an opinion of how Arani felt and his sole, unsoiled and unbiased opinion.  Arani doesn’t want to start a denominational beef.  Arani left too and followed the Nobleman.  He’s just glad he’s broadcasting online again, and hopefully comes back even stronger as we all should.


When Steve Jobs came back he he inspired us with juice, sauce, and power through Apple. He persisted and came back with incredible tenacity and certainly drove his company to new heights.  Arani bets all his bitcoins that you’re reading this from an iPhone or iPad.

……….Back to February 5, 2017. 

The Nobleman and his LB (little brother) stood there and they embraced.  Arani was just glad to see the two of them supporting each other.  He remembered a very similar experience because his little big brother also embraced him when he needed him the most.

When Arani’s brother flew 4,000 miles to be there for his brother. That’s the last time they embraced. Photo by Jalen’s mummy. We love her.

Arani is hopeful as you read this, you have a loyal sibling that can be there for you when you need them the most.  Life isn’t always fuzzy and pretty.  He routinely refers to his first mentor who once uttered the following in Yorkshire,

“Arani, they never said it would be easy!”.

Special saucy shoutout to Frazier Neasham.  You know who you are.  You’re an early inspiration for Arani.  He hopes you are still building nice, sustainable homes with Mr. Jim Reedy.  You were Manager then, but Arani bets you are now a Director.


So the Nobleman’s little brother continued and below is a small summary of the things Arani jotted down at the fountain:

  • Understand your function. Don’t be the treadmill you hang clothes to dry on in the winter.  That’s dysfunction.
  • Coming into one’s calling is getting out of comfort zones and everything that you are familiar with.
  • The reason the man came was not for us to be comfortable – but to confront us.
  • The more people are uncomfortable are with your message, the more truth you are conveying.
  • Capernaum means the Village of  Comfort.

When he defined the meaning of Capernaum, Arani’s conscience was brutally bruised and defeated to tears because he realized in that moment – he was in the right place.  He kind of needed a spiritual smack in the face.  He realized his Wakanda Spirit was right on the money.  Apparently twenty two miracles were recorded in this little city called Capernaum – the village of “comfort”.

Arani lost some focus during the speech and comically remembered his 22nd birthday when he took his parents out for some Indian curry.  He later went out but never returned home as promised.  His parents went to the hospital, the police and the morgue and came back empty handed. Arani casually walked in the next morning like nothing happened but is sorry for making them uncomfortable that day.  When he came back like the Prodigal Son they should have smacked him in the face. 

On the other hand, blame his best man dem – Roland V.  Shoutout to all the mandem from Fulford, York too. Arani wishes we could to the Gallery on Sunday and go downstairs like old days.

The next time you hear a rumor about yourself, don’t ask what they said.  Ask the person telling you,

“What made the person speaking these uncouth things comfortable sharing this detail with you?”

Nobleman’s LB

It’s only when you’re uncomfortable that you begin to learn who you really are, he guessed.  Try something new.  Pick up an instrument. Apply for that job.  Sell your couches.  Stop watching television.  Adopt a cat.

For three years, Arani did this and his spirit began to hear voices of reason and of truth.  He began to feel alive again and it readied him for a spiritual yet human experience he never knew existed. We are far too insulated particularly by our luxurious cars, our fluffy couches and our comfortable beds.  At Bearcat College we collaborated with Mike and the ATOs and slept outside in the blistering winter to raise awareness for the homeless.  The uncomfortable cold was too much for Arani so he told JR he was retreating to his little second-hand bed where he was renting a house from Zimbabwe’s most prolific historian and writer.  Shoutout to Dr. Kenny M.

As this post ends, make an effort to be uncomfortable within reason and with some logic.  Arani is not saying quit your job.  Arani truly believes when you stop, lean, and listen you will hear something new about yourself.  Arani still rides the bus everyday and Ubers sparingly. Hopefully, one day he can receive an award called the UWC – The Uber of Written Creativity.  At least he’s trying one post at a time and it’s all for his mummy.

Try having a conversation with a homeless stranger.  You’ll be surprised how much you have in common.  He did this on his 30th birthday in Atlanta, GA and the wheel-chair bound homeless gentleman handed him his best gift ever – everything he had – $2.50.

Go volunteer at a children’s shelter.

Give away something for free and we don’t mean money.

Time. Love. Books. Food. Honesty. Ears. Start with those.

As this post ends, Arani’s mother and father also named him Munyaradzi not only to please the Shona gods, but mainly to maintain his African identity. You’ll be surprised to learn that Munyaradzi means comforter in the Shona language. Arani insists he’s not here to make you feel comfortable.  If you’re wondering, the Board approves this message.  They almost suckered punched him into a Steve Jobs fracas.

The message is stop being comfortable and read the Nobleman’s books. After, listen to his LB from Monks Corner, South Carolina.

We at the #TribeofGuruvé are watching the Nobleman and his LB very closely.  We want to thank them for inspiring this Wakanda African magic.  When Arani, finished writing this post, he was in tears because he realized how far he’d come with the help of real friends and family who helped him when he needed them the most.

Have a Noble day.

The Nobleman. February 5, 2017

**Arani is aware this post is going in several directions.  It took a long time to write.  It’s just the mixtape of a deeper story.  Whatever you get out of it, the main philosophy is help others – especially your brother or sister.

© 2018 SonofGuruvé 2018


  1. Deep stuff! We thank God for LB and all the angels that God sent to help Arani during this mystical, rollercoaster, revelation filled, and enriching journey. May the Lord continue to guide and protect Arani with his never ending web of love. #Onwards&Upwards


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