Love Gems From My First Love

📷 from @africaniism

Mfana Wangu,

Oh how much you have changed.

Your love for me has grown in a way that I never thought you could fully come to know.

I am so proud to call you my spawn.

The lackluster reception you have received in the United States has moved you to unlock the pride of the green, red and yellow that pulsates through your Zimbabwean born veins.

No longer are you just living to find your purpose and fulfill your dreams- you carry the burden of being a triple minority; forced to live under diaspora labels and judgments that in your years under my embrace, you didn’t have to think twice about being.

A woman.

A black woman.

An African Black Woman!

Your strong rooted knowledge of self and ability to narrate the history of your ancestors creates an untouchable beauty and intellect that those that can’t relate to…reject.

The beauty and charm that is engrained in you serves as a threat for an envious soul.

Don’t dull the sparkle of your brilliance in order to fit into the boxes that your misled counterparts want to shove you in.

Mwana wevhu, you are remarkarble.

Fight the urge to blend into those surroundings and celebrate your differences by embracing your full sized nose, thick accent and curvaceous hips.

You will find yourself in turmoil facing criticism for losing yourself in America while always being a different kind of black woman.

Use both these as motivation to live your best life.

The dark shades of confusion they try cast on you- glow through.

Be brave enough to carry the legacy of your female ancestors without losing sight of the opportunities that have been awarded to you.

Be strong enough to radiate your African womanhood in instances that you are expected to cower in acceptance to the assumed inferiority created by simpler minds.

Be tired of being politely angry – demand respect.

Be done with being silent- elevate your expectations.

The challenges you face, far and wide, will only reveal your authentic self because your struggles will only sharpen your hard earned tools.

So mfana wangu… SHINE.

You too were born under the watchful eye of an eagle so find your purpose and show them why your heritage should not be underestimated.

You are worthy, so continue to make me proud.

Be a woman.

Be a black woman.

Be a strong African Black Woman and recognize that you have a lot to offer from anywhere you chose to be.

Forever your first love,


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