Harambe the *Guerilla

I think I’ve had enough of this Guerilla/Harambe farce. Here we go with #CeciltheLion Part 2. Guerilla is purposely used as a metaphor in this piece.  While the mammal was indeed a gorilla, I think we are treating Harambe like a guerilla.

A guerilla is a member of a small independent group taking part in irregular fighting, typically against larger regular forces.

“this small town fell to the guerrillas”

synonyms: freedom fighter, irregular, member of the resistance, partisan; More referring to actions or activities performed in an impromptu way, often without authorization.

adjective: guerrilla

“guerrilla theater”

Harambe  was a member of a small independent group of wild gorillas taking part in irregular fighting (for their lives), typically against larger regular forces e.g humans.

Firstly, Harambe was trying to protect, and a potentially lifesaving decision had to be made – instantly.

It’s 100% humans that are to blame for Harambe’s violent death.  Personally, I loathe the dumbfounded and unnecessary focus that has been placed on the child’s father and his checkered criminal history.

If the zoo, administered by humans by the way, had a controlled environment with appropriate measures in place to mitigate deathly risk, this kid would not have fallen in and Harambe would still be alive.  I’ve been to dozens of zoos and most recently,  the world famous Animal Kingdom, Disney, Florida for a technology conference.

In no way are these beasts free.  It’s really like a retirement home for them. 24 hours a day caged, they wait for their eventual and sadly inevitable death. They are captive everyday and sadly, I wander what would’ve happened if, metaphorically, the gorilla wasn’t black.

Maybe the marksman would’ve uttered, #handsup, right?

What’s worries me is the complete disregard for human life. Surely, as the oldest book in the world states, these are the end times.  Had you, your munchkin of a little brother, your smiling sister, or precious cousin been that kid, what would you want to have happened to Harambe? Since when is a 400lb beasts’ life more important than a mischievous, yet precious four-year old’s soul?

As a pet owner, I’m all for animal rights, but if you’re really about that life, why don’t you go to the zoo and and petition for ALL animals to be freed? Perhaps Harambe would be alive if you did that, right? There are plenty of animals in Zimbabwe and across Southern African mainland for you to see existing in their true NATURAL habitat.

Once again, this is why I stopped my obsession with watching mainstream media and have been much happier since. I guess I fell into the trap for minds that eat, eat, eat what you’re given without asking what the ingredients are.

Scribe your your own story and seek your own content from places that provide unbiased truth, not unsubstantiated comments that lead you to debating keyboard warriors and ultimately, no solutions are offered or implemented.

Write your own story and as my pal @iamTehn said to me yesterday, “make your own economy”. I actually listened, so I created and started writing at http://www.sonofguruve.com. Get off your butt and make something that will actually make the world a better place. Arguing back and forth just creates noise.  Organize that noise into something beneficial for your fellow human being, irrespective of their race. Thank you.

© SonofGuruve 2016

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